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Perishable cargo can be defined as goods that will deteriorate over a given period of time or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions. Foodstuffs, plant materials, hatching of the Live Animals Regulations be applied. SLA Freight offers perishable cargo handling services. There are many characteristics of air cargo which make eggs and medical supplies are typical examples of perishable goods carried regularly as air cargo.
In some cases, the term “perishable cargo” will cover shipments which are also classified as “live animals” – typical examples are eels, buy essays lobsters, crabs, shrimp, fish. It is essential that for these shipments, the provisions it the preferred means of transportations for perishable goods. The speed, reliability, cost effectiveness and controlled conditions of carriage by air provide the ideal method for exporters and importers of perishable commodities to service existing markets and develop new ones. But the special nature of perishable cargo calls for specials attentions to be paid to packaging, handling and other aspects of the transportation process.

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